2nd of July, 2016: Courtallam was a place full of waterfalls – there were 4 or 5 waterfalls which we found in the places to visit in Courtallam. My friend and I wanted to have fun at the waterfalls and so we packed some spare clothes and started off towards the first waterfall, which was called Tiger falls, as tigers sometimes visited there to drink water. It was more of a cascade than a waterfall. There was only one small rock from which water was actually falling and many people were playing with water below it. There was place to play around in the flowing water, but not under the fall. So we just walked around in the flowing water, clicked some photos and moved to the next falls on our list – the five falls.

We parked our bike and went towards the Five falls, only to find a huge crowd gathered under the waterfall. There was a railing that provided support and a path to get under the falls but it was just too crowded. So we stood at a distance and watched people playing in the water. The Five falls was named so as water cascaded down the rocks along five separate paths. Though it was crowded, the Five falls was beautiful to look at and the greenery surrounding it makes it even better.

We then rode to the main falls of Courtallam, which were called Main falls. The main falls were wider and water fell from a great height, making it a wonderful sight. At the main falls there were multiple railings, which allowed people to get under the water with safety and support. Crowd at the main falls was even heavier and there was no chance of spending much time having fun under the falls. So we took a look at them from a distance, where droplets of water were falling on us, owing to the great height from which the water fell. The main falls were the most beautiful of all the falls in Courtallam, but I would rate the Tirparappu falls much better than any of the falls in Courtallam (here’s an article about our visit to Tirparappu falls).

So we couldn’t really enjoy the falls as much as we would’ve liked to, but we were not done with Courtallam yet. On or way to the several falls, we took note of the beautiful scenery around the town. The town was surrounded with hills – rocky and green, studded with lakes and ponds, and had excellent roads making it a  pleasure riding around the town. So we went for a ride close to the hills, enjoying the breathtaking views that the spa of south India had to offer.

All in all, Courtallam was a beautiful place with many natural elements and will always be a nature-lover’s delight! It’s better to visit on weekdays than on weekends, for reasons obvious from what I’ve written. There were a lot of shops, south Indian restaurants, and accommodation options available. Do get in touch if you have any queries about the place.

Have fun!