4th of July, 2016: My friend from Chennai had gone back and I had to decide where to go next – Ooty or Yercaud. Both Ooty and Yercaud are hill stations and I was not really keen on visiting more waterfalls and hills – had enough of them at Courtallam and Kodaikanal. Also, I was going to go and stay alone so it didn’t seem so exciting. So i suddenly decided to ride to Mysuru that day.

The drive from Kodaikanal to Mysuru was sheer pleasure all along the way. I first got to ride downhill from Kodaikanal to Palani and the road was new and spectacular with lush greenery on either side and beautiful downhill views and was practically empty as I had started pretty early in the morning. But it was single lane for most part of the journey so I had to be very watchful. Just a few kilometres before reaching Palani, I could see a lake between the hills and it deserved a break of a few minutes in my journey, which I thoroughly relished.

I continued riding downhill with a grin and then after an hour or so I reached the Dimbham ghat. I knew nothing about it before I got there. The board at the beginning of the ghat said that it was a 27 hairpin loop climb up the hill and I cautioned myself to ride with extra care. And the ride over those 27 hairpin loops was pure ecstasy to me as it was exactly like one of those fantasy roads that I always imagined – fresh, clean roads through beautiful scenery with awesome curves, which only left me craving for more! With not much traffic, I had a really good time riding up the ghat, after which the road ran through some thick forest as it entered into Karnataka. I could see boards cautioning us about elephant movement and I really hoped to see some, but it did not happen that day.

Just before or just after entering Karnataka, there was a shop selling gifts and refreshments right in the middle of the forest, where I stopped for a break and some much needed drink. I sat round there for about half an hour as a few vehicles passed by. I then proceeded towards Mysuru. The road continued to be good till about 40 km short of Mysuru after which it was a little rough with increasing population as I neared the city.

I felt happy for the great ride experience I had so far and proceeded into the city towards the hotel I booked on GoIbibo. As i rode through the city, a lot of people turned their heads towards me looking at me curiously and it made me feel special 😛 (as I got to see some local youth after a long time and they were curious too). Kids going home from school in autos and buses waved and smiled at me and it was heartwarming. I felt very good riding into Mysuru and checked in to Hotel Royal Palace for some much needed refreshment.

I got fresh and immediately rode to Brundavan gardens, which is one of the most famous gardens of India. The approach road to the garden was good with some water from the Kaveri river flowing beside and there was also the Krishnarajasagar dam right beside the gardens, which made for a perfect evening. I rode to the dam first and walked around for sometime and then visited the gardens. The gardens looked amazing when they were lit up as it got darker. There was also a musical fountain show, which made it even more pleasant. It was refreshing to see people and kids around after a long lonely ride throughout the day. After the musical fountain show I returned to my room and took rest for the day.

If you ever plan on riding along the Dimbham ghat, do get in touch as I would love to join you if I can. Here is a video of my ride from Kodaikanal to Mysuru through Palani. The ride was just too beautiful to capture in images.

Have fun!

Super scenic route from Kodaikanal to Mysuru