5th of July, 2016: There were only two places I knew of in Mysuru out of which I had visited the Brundavan gardens the previous day, so the next place on the list was the palace! I had a light breakfast and walked to the palace. The palace had many entrances out of which only one was open at that time. The palace premises looked grand and extravagant, to say the least. A part of the palace was under renovation and the Durbar Hall was covered with a net from outside which sort of reduced the grandeur of the palace from outside. The jaguar sculptures near the entrance to the palace, the vast gardens and elephants were awe inspiring.

The entry into the palace was not as simple as would’ve been ideal as visitors had to remove shoes, hand over phones and cameras and walk in. A very small portion of the palace was open to public and there were a few exhibits and halls that could be seen and visited. All in all, it was a short visit to the palace which also was the first time I tried interacting with other people. The guides at the palace charged 400 rupees for one walk around the palace, which I felt was very expensive. A family had hired a guide to the palace and I asked them if I could share the cost of hiring the guide, which they promptly rejected 😛 but nevertheless, I tried. I clicked a few photos of the palace from outside and had dosa at a small hotel nearby and then walked towards the zoo.

Unfortunately, the zoo was closed as it was a Tuesday so I had to return to my room a little disappointed. I took some rest at the room and then rode out to see the city. There were two temples nearby that could be visited but I thought I’ll just roam around the city and get a feel of the living conditions. Later in the evening I rode to St. Philomena’s Cathedral, part of which was also under renovation, but it still was grand to look at and I spent some time at the church. There was a group of college students curiously looking at my bike as I walked out of the church and I couldn’t stop grinning at the sight 🙂 . The roads got quite busy in the evening and I went back to the hotel planning where to go next.

On the whole it was not a proper trip of Mysuru and I would like to visit the place again whenever possible. So if you plan to visit Mysuru and wouldn’t mind me riding along, do get in touch and I will join you if possible.

Have fun!