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The Most Beautiful Day Of My Life Yet – Slice 4

1st of July, 2016: Awed by the beauty of the Padmanabhapuram palace, we started riding towards our next stop - the Mathur aqueduct. We were tired as we hadn't taken lunch that day so we had some coconut water near... Continue Reading →


The Most Beautiful Day Of My Life Yet – Slice 3

1st of July, 2016: Our visit to Kanyakumari had come to an end and it was simply amazing. Our initial plan was to visit Kodaikanal next. The distance from Kanyakumari to Kodaikanal was about 350 km (through Madurai) and we... Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful Day Of My Life Yet – Slice 2

1st of July, 2016: Having witnessed the best sunrise ever in my life, it was then time for some man-made marvels. My friend and I got ready as quickly as possible and then headed towards the Swami Vivekananda rock memorial,... Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful Day Of My Life Yet – Slice 1

1st of July, 2016: The most delightful sight one can experience at a beach is that of a sunrise or a sunset and Kanyakumari offers both, if you give it the time it takes. Having witnessed the mesmerizing sunset the previous... Continue Reading →

Wandering Southwards

30th of June, 2016: I woke up at 4 AM in the morning waiting for my friend Ganga Rao to arrive from Chennai. I went to the railway station to pick him up and we came to the room at... Continue Reading →

Visit To Madurai

29th of June, 2016: Having visited the Rameswaram temple, the next place to visit on my list was the glorious Meenakshi Amman temple at Madurai. Madurai was about 180 km from the place where I stayed in Rameswaram and it... Continue Reading →

Fun On The Way To Dhanushkodi

28th of June, 2016: Dhanushkodi - a town destroyed by a cyclone more than five decades ago and uninhabited ever again. Who wouldn't want a glimpse of such a place! Dhanushkodi was just about 20 km southeast of Rameswaram so I... Continue Reading →

Pamban Bridge – The Baap Of All Bridges I Had Seen Yet

27th of June, 2016: Fully satisfied after visiting the three Great Living Chola temples, I was back in Thanjavur by 1-30 PM and had to reach Rameswaram before nightfall as I didn't want to miss a ride on the Pamban... Continue Reading →

To The Great Living Chola Temples

26th and 27th of June, 2016: I reached Thanjavur at around 3 PM and booked a room at Hotel Balaji Inn. The weather was pleasant and even a non-AC room felt very comfortable. It was a new hotel then and... Continue Reading →

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