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Torture Trek On Mathanga Hill And Pleasure Ride On The Silent Tungabhadra.

4th of March, 2017: I had just visited the Virupaksha temple and wanted to wander around taking photos of the many temple ruins near it. I rode towards the monolithic bull statue on my bike but couldn't park it close enough... Continue Reading →


Hot Ride To Hampi

4th of March, 2017: So it was time for my tour of the Southwestern part of India and it was to start with some place stunning - Hampi. The few words I heard about Hampi was that it was a... Continue Reading →

A Feel Of Coastal Andhra

27th of January, 2017: The closest beach to Vijayawada is at Machilipatnam, which is about 75 km from the city. I wanted to take my bike as close to the beach as possible and for that, Machilipatnam beach was not... Continue Reading →

Ride From Tirupati To Vijayawada

26th of January, 2017: It was my third time in Vijayawada, but the first time I was free to explore the place. It was a small city buzzing with commercial activity and had amazing places around which could be visited... Continue Reading →

Hogenakkal Falls Are In Tamil Nadu And I Will Never Forget It, Ever!

Me: Hello! I have reached Hogenakkal. My cousin: Great! I'm gonna be there in 10. Me: Oh wait! I'm on the other side of the river :O See you in two hours 😛

Wandering In Mysuru

5th of July, 2016: There were only two places I knew of in Mysuru out of which I had visited the Brundavan gardens the previous day, so the next place on the list was the palace! I had a light... Continue Reading →

Kodaikanal to Mysuru

4th of July, 2016: My friend from Chennai had gone back and I had to decide where to go next - Ooty or Yercaud. Both Ooty and Yercaud are hill stations and I was not really keen on visiting more waterfalls... Continue Reading →

Time For The Chills!

2nd and 3rd of July, 2016: After the waterfall overdose at Courtallam, it was time for us to head towards another exotic place in Tamil Nadu - Kodaikanal! Kodaikanal was a little over 230 km from Courtallam and we decided... Continue Reading →

Exploring The Spa Of South India

2nd of July, 2016: Courtallam was a place full of waterfalls - there were 4 or 5 waterfalls which we found in the places to visit in Courtallam. My friend and I wanted to have fun at the waterfalls and... Continue Reading →

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